Meaningful Music Making With Your Children In the Car

Some of the most meaningful music I hear from my children comes while we're driving around town. I often leave the radio off to allow for these spontaneous musical interactions. My 3-year-old often sings about what he sees, either using pre-existing melodies or making up new melodies. Sometimes the music isn't very meaningful, and that's okay too! I resolve to listen either way and record as I did earlier this month. 

I feel that providing him space to create music is giving him a gift of spontaneity, uninterrupted time, and space to be bored. It's also amazing to witness how my 10 month old responds. She usually chimes in singing related pitches.

Of course we put on recorded music too, or the radio, or sing together. I recently found a video of a family singing a John Coltrane solo on a tune called 26-2. All choruses. WOW!

Most of us would probably shy away from introducing our children to Coltrane, thinking it's too hard or wouldn't mean much to them. The above family demonstrates how false that belief can be. I also love James Corden's Carpool Karaoke with Stevie Wonder. Even Stevie makes music in the car!

So whatever the music may be, if you love it, share with your children. And allow them space to create their own too!